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Professor Moist

There was a Literotica story (now deleted) called "Free Girls for Sale", which inspired this render. The idea was that the eponymous website kidnapped and auctioned women. In this particular case, a group of men would buy women and make them perform cruel parodies of their previous lives.

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It wouldn't matter for "Professor Moist," who'd been sold as Lot 403 and who once had been Theresa Anderson, a real professor of mathematics at a major university. She'd still be punished. The men who came to her "class" didn't care what she taught, they just tried to come up with questions that would lead her to make a mistake. At the end of the class the "department chair," a man in a corduroy jacket with patched sleeves would cane her ten times per mistake, before the class took turns fucking her over her desk.

"Yes, you are right. I'm so sorry," she said. Her cheeks were red in embarrassment. "I will mark myself down for another ten strokes."

Students laughed and whooped as she walked over to the board and added ten marks to a tally that already had ten. So she'd get at least twenty if they didn't trip her up anymore. They probably had tricks to make her more likely to forget things she'd known for years, like not letting her refresh her memory or making her read incorrect information until she forgot what she once knew by heart.

"One more thing," said the man who raised his hand. "Take off your shirt."

She almost managed to look calm about it. But it wasn't hard to see the anger and humiliation in her eyes as she unbuttoned her shirt and folded it on the table.

Velma in the Library

"Now, now, dear, just relax a bit. Your friends have all been sent off on a wild goose chase to the 'haunted' amusement park behind my property. I'm quite sure my butler will scare them off, and even if he doesn't, there's no way they'll find the secret tunnel into my basement. You might as well accept that you're staying here for a while. Now, let's see what you're not wearing underneath this skirt..."

Just a simple little Scooby-Doo render.

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Please Don't Get Me Pregnant

Only the first image here was released on deviantArt, as the rest are "too hot" for them. These are all based on the GoneWildAudio script "Please Don't Get Me Pregnant" by u/ravishagirl, found in the book Welcome to the Ravish a Girl Workshop.

Original deviantArt post

a little louder, aroused but distressed Hi GWA. her voice is quivery This... is a little different from my other audios. I'm not recording it in my own studio. I'm in this ... stranger's bed. ... He's one of you actually, one of my fans. I think ... I think I'm in his house. a gaspy little sob I'm naked. On his bed. On satin sheets. He says ... he says the satin must feel so sensual against my skin, and it does, moans it does, oh god, why are these sheets so soft ... whimpers ... He's been fondling me ... groping me ... gasps molesting me ... his strong hands on my naked tits, tugging and teasing and pinching my nipples, making sure they're hard and swollen and aching ... just the way my fans like them.

Virgin Elven Princess Captive by Your Fire

The soft, sweet sounds of the elfgirl waking. She is gagged with cloth. Suddenly, she comes fully alert. She whimpers and squirms, then protests into the cloth gag, frightened, indignant. We can also hear ambient forest night sounds. The sounds of a fire crackling. From the beginning, the elfgirl is both frightened and sexually excited, though denying it.

Your Nude Model is a Sleek, Sensual Elfgirl

aroused and breathless Like this? Seated on the bed, leaning back on my hands, my breasts lifted and full, my hair falling over my shoulders in disarray, my legs crossed, my thighs naked and inviting? Like I’m hungry for a touch?